Apostrophe 2.x is in the building.

Apostrophe is a CMS framework for Node.js that supports
in-context editing, schema-driven content types,
flexible widgets, and much more.

You can start building with Apostrophe right now.

$ npm install apostrophe-cli -g
$ apostrophe create-project <project-name>

Get up and running in fifteen minutes with our Getting Started tutorial.

Announcing Apostrophe 2.x

We're proud to announce the launch of Apostrophe 2.x, a stable, long-term-support release of the Apostrophe open source CMS framework for node.js.

Apostrophe emphasizes ease of use, in-context editing, ease of development, performance and the benefits of working in a single programming language on the front and the back end: JavaScript.

Features for rapid website development

Whether you're working with the page tree, creating unique content types with Apostrophe's "pieces," building and editing relationships between content types with Apostrophe's "join" feature or just creating custom widgets and templates for inclusion on your pages, you'll find that we've created a uniquely user- and developer-friendly experience without compromises.

Just by defining a simple schema, you can create both the "back end" and a rich user interface on the front end for editing custom content types like blog posts, events or products as well as editing content on the page.

The end user experience

In-context editing is key: end users can edit content directly on the page, via a familiar interface. Uploaded images automatically resize to suit the right balance of bandwidth and presentation. Past versions of your work are easy to find; users can't accidentally delete content permanently.

But Apostrophe also takes the needs of larger projects very seriously. Robust permissions features are provided, allowing you to designate the right person or group of people to edit each part of the site.

All the features... and how to make the case for them

Need to see the complete list? Want to make the case for using Apostrophe for your project? Check out our features page, which also features answers to common concerns about choosing Apostrophe.

Our developer community

Apostrophe is an open source project with a healthy and growing community behind it, thanks to widespread developer interest in node.js and the rest of our technology stack, which also includes MongoDB and Nunjucks. We look forward to your contributions as well as your github issues, forum posts and Stack Overflow questions.

In production today

Apostrophe 2.x is in production use on sites such as sciencecenter.org, urbanengineers.com and thegreenprogram.com.

Enterprise support

P'unk Avenue also offers enterprise support for those who want to work directly with Apostrophe's creators. We're here to make sure your project realizes its full potential.

Come check it out!

Try the live demo and check out the tutorials! We're excited to share it with you.

Apostrophe is in use for many kinds of websites, from small nonprofits and companies to colleges and research platforms. Since its inception, it has been iteratively built in the context of creating real websites. This has led to an ecosystem of modular functionality, allowing developers to solve problems precisely. You can see the different kinds of functionality on some of the websites built with Apostrophe.

Apostrophe is Human

Through changes in technology, Apostrophe has grown enormously in capability but has always stuck to its principles by putting the user first.

The Apostrophe project is led by P'unk Avenue, a design and build firm with a special focus on positive social impact, urbanism, health & wellness, arts & culture, and education. Giving back to the open source community is part of that focus.