Running Apostrophe on Windows

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Thanks to Andrew Brown for the original version of this HOWTO, which has been updated.

Step 1: Install Software

For Apostrophe 2 to work on Windows you need to install:

Where to get the software

To install git go to Git - Downloads and download the appropriate version. Be sure when asked about adjusting your path environment you select "Use Git from the Windows Command Prompt."

To install Node go to and click install. Keep all settings the same and it will also make sure node and npm are accessible at the command line.

To install MongoDB go to Downloads - MongoDB and select the proper download for your computer. Be sure to select 32 or 64 bit depending on your system. Follow all of the prompts.

To install Imagemagick go to: ImageMagick : Windows Downloads and download the latest version. Ensure that "add environmental variables to system path" is checked during the installation process. Make sure you check the box to install legacy executables.

MongoDB setup

Quick start

For a quick start, create a folder for your MongoDB database:

mkdir c:\mongo

Then run the MongoDB executable and leave that window open. Paths below may vary slightly depending on the version you install, check the contents of the MongoDB folder.

cd \Program Files\MongoDB\Server\3.2\bin
.\mongod.exe --dbpath=c:/mongo

Use of a forward slash is intentional.

Long-term setup

Consider installing MongoDB as a "windows service." See the MongoDB documentation for more information.

Step 2: You're good to go!

Be aware of the differences in syntax between Mac OS and Windows terminals. cp translates to copy, rm to del, etc.

Otherwise, the tutorial provided by Apostrophe: Getting Started can be followed.

NOTE: if you get permissions errors, you probably first created the site as Administrator. Make up your mind and stick to one user... which should not be Administrator. It is always a good security policy to avoid using an administrator account when you can.

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