More modules

This page is about optional modules for Apostrophe. For the standard modules, see the reference.

More official modules for Apostrophe

Check out our official list of optional modules from the Apostrophe team. The modules available cover everything: workflow, internationalization, localization, single sign-on (SSO), Twitter feeds, redirects, Redis caching, headless APIs for your native, React, Vue and Angular applications, sitemaps and a great deal more.

Publishing your own npm modules for Apostrophe

Please do! It's easy. A few things to know:

Packaging Apostrophe modules together: creating bundles

If you need to package up several related modules that only make sense together, you can distribute them as a single npm module. Here is how that works:

module.exports = {
  name: 'apostrophe-blog',
  alias: 'blog',
  label: 'Article',
  extend: 'apostrophe-pieces',

  moogBundle: {
    modules: ['apostrophe-blog-pages', 'apostrophe-blog-widgets'],
    directory: 'lib/modules'

  // ... etc ...

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