More modules

This page is about optional modules for Apostrophe. For the standard modules, see the reference.

The modules you see documented on this site are the standard Apostrophe modules that ship as part of the apostrophe npm module — everything you absolutely need to make a website. But there are more. And you can create more.

Here is a list of optional official Apostrophe modules you can npm install to enhance your site:

Publishing your own npm modules for Apostrophe

Please do! It's easy. A few things to know:

Packaging Apostrophe modules together: creating bundles

If you need to package up several related modules that only make sense together, you can distribute them as a single npm module. Here is how that works:

module.exports = {
  name: 'apostrophe-blog',
  alias: 'blog',
  label: 'Article',
  extend: 'apostrophe-pieces',

  moogBundle: {
    modules: ['apostrophe-blog-pages', 'apostrophe-blog-widgets'],
    directory: 'lib/modules'

  // ... etc ...

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