apostrophe-search (module)

Inherits from: apostrophe-custom-pages


Implement sitewide search for Apostrophe. Provides the apostrophe-search page type for the /search page, which you should include in your "parked pages" if you wish to have one (see apostrophe-pages).

Search is powered by the full-text search features of MongoDB.


pushAssets() [browser]




indexPage(req, callback)

This method implements the search results page. It populates req.data.docs and provides pagination via req.data.currentPage and req.data.totalPages, not to be confused with req.data.totalDocs which is the total number of documents matching the search. The filters configured for the module are respected.

beforeIndex(req, callback)

Called before each page of search results is rendered; override hook


docBeforeSave(req, doc, options)

Implementation of search indexing as documents are saved. Invoked via callAll by the docs module

indexDoc(req, doc)

Index one doc for participation in search

indexTask(apos, argv, callback)

Implements the apostrophe-search:index task, which re-indexes all pages. This should only be needed if you have changed your mind about the searchable property for various schema fields. Indexing is automatic every time a doc is saved

indexTaskOne(req, doc, callback)

Indexes just one document as part of the implementation of the apostrophe-search:index task. This isn't the method you want to override. See indexDoc and getSearchTexts


Returns texts which are a reasonable basis for generating search results for this page. Should return an array in which each entry is an object with 'weight' and 'text' properties. 'weight' is a measure of relative importance. 'text' is the text associated with that chunk of content.


Reduces array of texts to a single space-separated string, passes the result through apos.utils.sortify to eliminate unwanted characters and case differences

docUnversionedFields(req, doc, fields)

Invoked by the apostrophe-versions module. Identify fields that should never be rolled back

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