apostrophe-db (module)

Inherits from: apostrophe-module



Open the database connection. Always use MongoClient with its sensible defaults. Build a URI if we need to, so we can call it in a consistent way.

One default we override: if the connection is lost, we keep attempting to reconnect forever. This is the most sensible behavior for a persistent process that requires MongoDB in order to operate.


Query the server status every 10 seconds just to prevent the mongodb module version 2.1.19+ or better from allowing the connection to time out... with no error messages or clues that we need to reconnect it... because apparently that's a feature now. -Tom


Remove ALL collections from the database as part of the apostrophe-db:reset task. Then Apostrophe carries out the usual reinitialization of collection indexes and creation of parked pages, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: this will drop collections UNRELATED to apostrophe. If that is a concern for you, drop Apostrophe's collections yourself and start up your app, which will recreate them.




Invoked by callAll when apos.destroy is called. Closes the database connection and the keepalive interval timer.

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