apostrophe-locks (module)

Inherits from: apostrophe-module



lock(name, options, callback)

Obtain a lock with the given name. The lock remains exclusive until we unlock it (except for certain situations in unusual synchronous code, see below).

We MUST release the lock later by calling unlock with the same name.

The options argument can be omitted completely.

Calling this method when you already have the specified lock will yield an error.

SYNCHRONOUS CODE: if you need to go more than 30 seconds without ever returning to the event loop, set options.idleTimeout to a longer period of time (in milliseconds). This applies only to synchronous code. (And seriously, why are you running without returning for 5 minutes in nodejs? Nobody can see your site while you do that.)

unlock(name, callback)

Release the given lock name. You must first obtain a lock successfully via lock. Calling this method when you do not already have the lock will yield an error.


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